Dirk Monshouwer, The Gospels and Jewish Worship
     Bible and Synagogal Liturgy in the First Century C.E.

isbn 978-90-76564-86-9, 447 pp. (only 700 copies) 2010 Skandalon
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5260 AC Vught
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translation: Maria van Strien and Martin Kessler

This posthumously published work by Dirk Monshouwer (1947-2000) is the culmination of many years of exhaustive research in the field.  Anyone working in this field should consult this work if at all possible.  I was given a copy because of my website.  The book is listed on Amazon but as 'currently unavailable'.

The Table of Contents is five pages long. Below I have listed the major sections.

Editor's Preface
 1. Introduction
 2. The reading of the Scriptures in Jewish worshp
 3. Evidence for the First Century C.E.
 4. Internal evidence: Torah
 5. Reading the Scriptures
 6. The TC in practice
 7. The Gospel of Mark and the Synagogue
 8. Mark and the Jewish Festivals
 9. Mark and the TC
10. The Gospel of John
11. The Gospel of Luke
12. The Prophet in the Synagogue
13. The Gospel of Matthew and Jewish Liturgy
14. The Reading of the Scriptures in the Early Church (+/- 90-135) 
Index of persons
Biblical Index

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