The Pastoral Epistles: Their Structure

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These appear to be chiastic, but only 'crudely', section against section in subject matter.  They are here given in their apparent order of writing: 2 Timothy Titus, 1 Timothy

2 Timothy
1.1-2 Greetings 4.19-22 Greetings
1.3-18   3.13-4.8  


Your faith's foundations and gift


Your childhood - Scriptures [= foundation]


Be not shamed


I charge you; preach


I am ready to be sacrificed; all faith and love in Christ Jesus; v. 12: 'that Day'


v. 8: Crown for all who love his appearing - 'that Day'


Deserters of 'Paul' and friends




'on that Day' [as Day of Judgement]


May it not be charged against them.
2.1-13   3.1-13  
  Be strong in grace   Understand ...
  in teaching received   Power as well as form of religion
  Share suffering as soldier of Christ Jesus   Avoid sinful anarchists who love not God.
  Work hard according to the rules   [Vice list:] be not swayed
2.14-18 Avoid disputing about words 2.23-26 Have nothing to do with stupid, senseless controversies.


Upset faith of some


Captured by Devil
2.19-20 CENTRE 2.21-22  


Lord knows his own


Call on Lord with pure heart


Depart from iniquity


Aim at righteousness


Great house


useful to housemaster
  various vessels


to be viable vessel for good work
  noble and ignoble


Purify self from ignoble


1.1-4 Greeting 3.15 Greeting
  .5 Amend what is defective   .13 See they lack nothing
  .5-8 Elders and bishops   .14-12 Christian leaders visiting
  .9-16 Rebuke: Jewish myth, propagators   .11-8 Rebuke: quarrels over law, etc.
  .16 Good deeds   .8 Good deeds
2.1 Sound doctrine   .8a-4 'The Gospel'
  .2 'Good' living   .3 Former 'bad' living
  .3-6 Bid good behaviour - not slander   .2-1 Speak evil of no one
  .7 Be model of good deeds 2.14 People who are zealous for good deeds
  .8 Opponent put to shame, having nothing evil to say of us [on Day of the Lord, probably]   .13 awaiting ... hope: appearing of ... our great God and Saviour Jesus Christ
  .9 Slaves: be submissive, give satisfaction   .12b Live sober, upright, godly lives in this world
  .10a Show entire and true fidelity   .12a Training us to renounce irreligion and worldly passions.
  .10b So that in everything we may adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour.   .11 For the grace of God has appeared for the salvation of all men.


2 Timothy
1.2b Grace from God our Father and Christ Jesus our Lord 6.21b Grace be with you
  .3-7 Timothy's job versus 'agnostics'    .20-21a  
  .8-11 Love good ... in accord with the Gospel   .17-19 Rich to do good
  .12-17 13: I blasphemed; 15: to save sinners; 17: doxology   .1-16 ... doxology
  .18-20 I charge you ... some mucked it up   .2d-10 Teach and urge ... some wander
2.1-7 Pray for rulers   .1-2 Honour masters
  .8-15 Be modest and seemly 5.24-25 Good works cannot remain hidden
3.1-7 Re ἐπίσκοπος (bishop)   .17-23 Re πρεσβύτεροι (elders)
  .8-13 Re deacons   .3-16 Re widows
  .14-15 Re behaviour in household of God   .1-2 Treating older man, etc., as relatives
  .15b-16 Living God; confession of mystery of our religion [kerygma] 4.10-16 Our hope set on Living God; hold to that [kerygma]
4.1-3 Godless myths [dualistic] - believe and know the truth   .6-7 Be good minister - having nothing to do with godless myths.
  .4-5 CENTRE    
4a   All things created by God - good 5b   by word of God and prayer
4b   receive with thanks 5a   consecrated

[You: thank God; He: consecrates]

Notice especially the paralleling of bishop/elders and deacons/widows, which appears to indicate a degree of equivalence in each case.