1, 2, 3 John Overall Chiasms

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1 John Overall Chiasm

2 John Overall Chiasm
3 John Overall Chiasm

1 John Overall Chiasm

1.1-4  1 Word of life  5.21-18     eternal life
   Father       true God
     Son Jesus Christ            Son Jesus Christ       
  4   joy fulfilled     19-18  We of God; evil touches [us] not
1.5-10   Confess sins  5.17-13   Ask God for life for sinning brother
    God faithful   15-14 We have boldness to ask God; he hears us
2.1-6 1-2  Summary of Gospel:  5.12-1    
      I wrote: Jesus as advocate and  expiation for sins of world   1-4




  3-6 Commandments   3-1 Commandments
2.7-11   The old/new commandment 4.21-7   This commandment
    love brother     love one another
2.12-17   Little children 4.6-4  

Little children

  14 Overcome evil one   4b Overcome them
  17 Who do will of God - abide   4a You are of God
  18 Last hour 4.3-1 3 That of antichrist has come
2.19-23   Test for deceivers   2-1 Prove the spirits
2.24-29 24 Abide 3.24-17 24b Abide
  26 Lead astray   24b-23 Keep commandments
  29 Do righteousness   18 Love in deed and truth
3.1-8 1a Behold manner of love 3.16-10 16 Hereby we know love
  1b Children of God     We passed from death to life
  1c World knows us not   13 Marvel not if world hates you
  3-7 Purify selves; let no man lead astray; do righteousness   12c Because his works were evil and his brother's righteous
  8a of the Devil is that he does sin   12b Cain was of the Evil One and slew his brother
  8b Devil sins from beginning   11 Message heard from beginning
  8cd Son of God manifested   10b the children of God are manifested
  8d to this end: to destroy works of Devil   10a In this
3.9   Whoever is begotten of God     because he is begotten of God.

does no sin

    and he cannot sin

because his seed abides in him                 





















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2 John - Overall Chiasm

1 Elect lady - children 13 Elect sister - children
2 Truth abides in us for ever 12c Your joy is fulfilled
3 Grace ... shall be with us 12b I hope to come to you, speak face to face
4 Walk in truth 11 Partaking in evil worksd
5 Commandment 10 This teaching
6 Commandment   the teaching
7a Deceivers gone forth into world 9 Goes onward and abides not
7b Confess not Jesus Christ come in flesh 8 Lose not what have wrought
7c This is Deceiver 7c and the Antichrist

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3 John - Overall Chiasm

1-2 Greeting 13 Salute
2-4 Walk in truth 12 Our witness true
5 You do faithful work to brothers 12b Diotrephes [to be received] has
6 Bear witness to 12a witness of all; we also bear witness
6b-8 your love as well, worthily of God 11 Beloved, imitate ... good
9a I wrote to church 10e casts them out of church
9b Seeks pre-eminence 10d Forbids those who would receive brothers
9c Receives us not 10c Receives not brothers
10a I will bring to remembrance his works 10b He prates against us with wicked words.

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