James M. Gibbs, B.S.E. [Chem Engin.], B.D.

This site contains the biblical research work of James Millard Gibbs, primarily in the New Testament, published and unpublished. It has been developed over many years of teaching in England (Lichfield Theological College and The Queen's College, Birmingham, the latter as a recognized lecturer of Birmingham University) and India (The United Theological College, Bangalore), and some of it has been left in the form shared with my students, to whom I owe much. You are welcome to use it, preferably acknowledged.

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Last updated: 30 December 2014

Table of contents:
    The Bible in the Church: A Radical View
Biblical Studies
    Wisdom, Power and Well-being: Ancient (Biblical) Parameters for Humanity
     Image of God

    "Three Notes on Genesis 1" by Paul Humbert
    Isaac Typology and the New Testament
    Son of God
    Epistles as Probably Homilies before the Eucharist
    The Synoptic Problem
    "Recognized" Ministry in the New Testament
Resurrection in the New Testament
    Notes on Ethics in the New Testament 

Chiastic Structuring:
An Introduction to chiastic structuring: Detection & Significance
Chiastic structures in
     Matthew    Romans    1 Corinthians       2 Corinthians    Galatians    Ephesians
     Philippians      Philemon     Jude      2 Peter       1, 2, 3 John 
Jewish Feasts, Fasts and Lections
Dirk Monshouwer, The Gospels and Jewish Worship
     Bible and Synagogal Liturgy in the First Century C.E.
Relating Jewish lectionary usage to NT writings: How I got started
    Tables of the Old Testament Passages used as readings
The Torah Sedarim of the Nisan and Tishri Cycles
    Mark and the Triennial Lectionary
    1 Corinthians, Galatians & Romans related to the Torah Sedarim
    Galatians and its Pentecost setting.
    Pauline Authorship
    Pauline Theology - Some Notes
: Chiastic Structures
        Romans and the Torah
        Wrath in the New Testament (with special reference to Romans)
    1 Corinthians
        1 Corinthians and the Observance of Passover
        1 Corinthians - Chiastic Structures 
        1 Corinthians and the Decalogue
        1 Corinthians Exegesis
              Chaps 1-5         Chaps 6-10         Chaps 11-13         Chaps 14-16 
        1 Corinthians & Wisdom, Power and Well-being
        1 Corinthians and Women in Paul
    2 Corinthians
     2 Corinthians: The three chiastic units and their significance
Deutero-Pauline Epistles
    Ephesians: Introductory Notes
Ephesians: Chiastic Units
     1 Thessalonians: Its Parallel Structure
    The Pastoral Epistles: Their Structure
The Gospels
     Gospel Prologues and Their Function
    'Passing by' in the Gospels

    Matthew: Introductory Notes
    Matthew: Exegetical Notes
    Chiastic Structuring in the Sermon on the Mount (Matt 5.3-7.11)
         & the Chiasm of Matt 5.1-7.29 against 22.15-24.35
    Confessional Titles in Matthew
    Matthew's use of 'Kingdom', 'Kingdom of God' and 'Kingdom of Heaven'
    Matthew's Son of God as the Torah Incarnate
    Matthew & Wisdom, Power and Wellbeing
    'Son of David' in Matthew: Purpose and Pattern
    The Lord's Prayer*
    Matthew and the Triennial Lectionary
    The Structuring of Mark: An Assessment (2008)
    St Mark's Day Sermon*
    Mark Exegetical Notes
Mark and the Triennial Lectionary
    John and Jesus in parallel in Mark
    Mark 6.45-8.26 in parallel with Joshua
    Mark 6.45-8.26 and the Gentile Mission
    Mark & Wisdom, Power and Wellbeing
Luke - Acts
    Notes on Luke-Acts: Structure, Aims, Theology, Etc.
    Luke 1-2 as paralleling Genesis 27-43 (by C. T. Ruddick, Jr)
    Luke 24.13-33 and Acts 8.26-39: Emmaus Incident and Eunuch's Baptism
    Chiastic Structures in Acts (by J. R. Bradley)
    John 1-13 and theTriennial Lectionary (by C. T.Ruddick, Jr)
John 18-20 as basically inverting Genesis 1-3
    John: Background to the "I am the ..." statements
The Gospel of John and the Lectionary
1 John

    1 John and echoes of Genesis 1-4
2 Peter and Jude
    Chiastic Structure of 2 Peter and Jude

Published articles, reviews and book

Sermons (mostly based on the Revised Common Lectionary, Church of England)

Some Forthcoming Studies
Matthew Exegetical Notes
John and the Triennial Lectionary

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